Benny Mac Buys the Whole Giants Team Air Jordan 4’s – The second-year head coach had a special gift for all of his players at the start of training camp as a thank you for staying out of trouble during the summer break — something that can’t be said about his rivals — the Dallas Cowboys.

After Thursday’s training camp practice, McAdoo gave each player a new pair of “Air Jordan 4” sneakers.

“We did what we were supposed to do,” fourth-year defensive tackle Jay Bromley said, via NJ Advance Media. “We stayed off the ticker. We kept the main thing the main thing, as Coach McAdoo likes to say. And we got rewarded for it, like any parent does. When your children do what they’re supposed to do, they get rewarded for it.”

Coach McAdoo is fly sometimes,” Bromley said. “He has some J’s (Jordans) on so he decided to show us some love and get us all a pair of J’s. I didn’t have those yet, so I’m definitely grateful for it and look forward to rocking them.”

Benjamin Lee McAdoo, you savvy, relatable, good-hearted man. I felt like the offseason was a little slow for the Giants in comparison to last year when they were making big signings left and right, but I guess it was only slow because nobody on the Giants got a DUI or got caught with weed in their glovebox. In that case, I am more than okay with being bored. I’d rather have no football to talk about than be talking about your team’s star wide receiver shooting himself in the leg or something crazy like that that has definitely never happened before.

Benny With The Good Hair choosing Jordan 4s is the most telling sign of how cool he is that I’ve ever heard. Anyone that knows anything would agree that 4s are far and away the flyest Jordan’s to come out. Hooking up the whole team with a pair (white and blue, nonetheless) just for not getting arrested is the greatest negotiating tactic of all-time. Hey, want a free pair of Jordans in our team colors? Just do Benny Mac a favor, stay at home, don’t smoke weed and don’t get arrested. Sometimes those can be tall tasks for NFL players to accomplish, but I guess if you throw in a free pair of J’s as incentive then it’s not so bad. Don’t tell Jason Garrett or Marvin Lewis. This tactic cannot makes it’s way to another coach’s ear. Benny Mac must remain on the top of the list of cool coaches.

I can’t say enough about Benny Mac these days. He can’t make a wrong move. He reminds me of my close personal friend and POTUS, Donald Trump Jr. No matter what is being said, or what people think, he’s always there, maneuvering behind the scenes and getting done what needs to be done. That’s Benny Mac for ya. Getting shit done. And making sure Odell doesn’t get in a fight at a strip club. I hope I didn’t just jinx that.


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