Barstool Sports vs. The Alt-Right

I never thought I would be writing this. Barstool twitter and alt-right Twitter have about as much crossover appeal in their audiences as hip-hop and country. Today, at the drop of not one, but TWO blogs from “Barstool’s resident gay blogger” Gay Pat, a pair of Twitter’s most powerful communities collided. I am a pretty big Stoolie and also a fan of the meme master Donald Trump so taking sides in this war is strictly forbidden. Picture me as one of those field journalists that puts himself in the thick of the gunfire to cover what happens in the trenches from an unbiased perspective. Those don’t really exist nowadays come to think of it, but just picture me as one.

The spark that lit this flame was this blog that Pat posted at 1:00p.m. today. The headline explicitly refers to alt-right Twitter figure and meme magician Baked Alaska as a “Neo-Nazi” who is upset about Airbnb not letting him rent apartments from them due to his political views and expressions. Now, as someone who considers myself a red-pilled young adult, I am pretty familiar with Baked Alaska and certainly wouldn’t say he’s a neo-Nazi, though he is too far alt-right for me to wanna follow him. Baked Alaska caught wind of this blog and immediately tweeted this in response to Pat’s (now deleted) tweet of his blog:

Definitely fighting words. Can’t really blame the guy either. I wouldn’t wanna be called a neo-Nazi online. He also calls Barstool “fake news” which is fucking hilarious, but when you actually read the article, Pat is basically defending Baked Alaska from Airbnb. He throws in some roasts about his name and the fact that they’re alt-right figureheads because he works for a sports news/comedy site but he does close the article with;

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 7.30.08 PM.png

Doesn’t sound very libelous to me. Yeah, the clickbait headline may lead you to believe it’s libelous, but once you read for like 15 seconds you begin to understand that Pat’s just trying to be funny. Maybe Baked Alaska just didn’t read the article. He also said his lawyer says its a “100% win” but I feel like since everyone on Earth (except Baked Alaska, apparently) knows Barstool is always fucking around and being satirical, the case may not hold up all that well.

Then my guy Pat decided to throw some gas on the fire he started and posted another polarizing blog about the recent “anti-diversity” email scandal at Google. Some idiot engineer at Google emailed a research paper on why women are less successful at Google and that their push to close the gender gap is misguided. He made (fairly accurate) claims that women have “more neuroticism” and that “Google’s ideological echo chamber” censors ideas about diversity that don’t exactly align with the company’s. Pat is, again, poking fun at the Google employee in the article but not really saying he’s someone who actually dislikes women. His most personal jabs are probably these right here;Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 8.18.20 PM.png

Which again, isn’t really living up to the headline. Someone’s gotta tell Pat to relax with the clickbait headlines. Definitely not gonna lead to good things. That type of stuff doesn’t make friends on the internet. Among YouTube commenters top complaints, and I consider their views representative of the entire world, is that clickbait titles/headlines are bullshit. And I’d happen to agree. But you need those pageviews, I guess.

Not long after this blog was posted, a near and dear friend of the Stool who happens to be a figure in the alt-right/conservative movement, and whose name I will not say due to my title of being an AWL, quoted the blog with;

Classic Libstool. Pandering to the liberal media once again. Always so PC and non-controversial on hot-button topics. I’m really getting sick of it. Thank god Nate came in right away to update our friend here on the current Barstool-neo-Nazi war going on and show him that it’s really all about personal preference when it comes to reading on the internet.

Nate fucking bodybagged C**y T****s with those graphs. Though Pat chose to write about the email with how he saw the Google employee’s intentions being the main focus, he is allowed to do that, since Barstool is it’s own company and free speech applies to them. Barstool gives their bloggers a lot of creative freedom and allows them to be strongly opinionated in their writing, and there’s nothing wrong with that, in fact it’s one of the main reasons I read Barstool. So don’t get triggered by someone’s opinion, regardless of whether or not it’s wrong/you disagree. The right gives the left shit for that all the time and calls liberals “snowflakes” but there is an increasing number of snowflakes on the right that get offended and cry in the exact same way as libtards do. Getting offended is for fucking losers. We’re all different. Embrace it!

So, as this war rages on, I will be on the front lines, giving the people the unbiased and uncensored truth. Basically all I do is read Barstool or scroll through meme Twitter so this should be content city for me. Can’t wait to see the next move. If I get to write an article about Baked Alaska suing Barstool or C**y T****s calling out Pat/the rest of Barstool on Twitter again, I’ll be ecstatic. So much potential content. Keep it coming fellas. I’m ready.


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