Zach Randolph Has Been Arrested for Marijuana Possesion with “Intent to Sell” and I’m Confident it’s Fake News

Zach Randolph is one of the most electrifying players to come through the NBA in recent memory. Going way back to his Jail Blazers days, he’s always been a bit of a wild card. There’s nothing I love more than a good old wild card of a player. I thrive off of unpredicatbility. Always gets the blood and the brain jucies flowing. Anyways, Z-Bo’s latest run-in with the law came at around 10p.m. on Wednesday night in Los Angeles. LAPD responded to a loud disturbance and found a large group of people standing in the middle of the street getting drunk and smoking weed. I believe there was some yelling, loud music, and your every-day vandlalism of a police car involved as well. Sounds like typical LA to me, but when police arrived at the scene, they investigated the area after inhaling the pungent odor of marijuana. ZBo was found to have a “large amount” of marijuana on his person, and was subsequently charged with possession of marijuana with intent to sell due to him possessing such a large amount. He was detained, held on $20,000 bail and released early Thursday morning.

I, for one, do not buy it at all that Zach Randolph had intent to sell that marijuana. The man has had some run-ins with the law here and there, and almost every single one had to do with weed in some capacity. If there is one guy in the NBA that carries around a large amount of weed with him at all times, it’s Zach Randolph. If you told me he had a fucking treasure chest filled with weed, I’d tell you it’s probably his personal stash. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I enjoy a nice puff of the devil’s lettuce sometimes too. Every day, actually. I like to think I’m well-versed in the field. And I can say with confidence that almost anyone who smokes weed regularly has a “large amount” of it on them. This isn’t 10th grade anymore fellas, big boys buy in bulk. That’s how you get a good deal. The days of paying $40 for a week’s supply of weed are over. This is the big leagues, it’s a dog eat dog world, and if you wanna be the guy that always has weed, you buy a “large amount.” Very simple concept that the LAPD seems to have glossed over. ZBo is being treated unfairly for being a pot-smoking NBA player and I will not have it. If he were just a regular guy, he would not have been frisked, accused of selling weed and arrested. It’s fucking California, anyways. Don’t you have to smoke weed to live there? Everyone is some surfer dude or hipster or SoundCloud rapper. All of those demograpics love weed. Can’t tell me they don’t come across people with “large amounts” of weed every day and let it slide. They have much bigger fish to fry in a big trash heap city like LA. Gotta make sure nobody’s selling Xanax to 12-year-olds or having target practice in their backyard with a gun they bought illegally and don’t know to to use. I can’t say for sure how often those two things happen in Cali but I know it has happened before.

In conclusion, Zach Randolph is being framed. I know for a fact that this was his personal stash. Big dawgs smoke big blunts. We smokin gas out here partner. Gotta keep the pack secured and within reach.


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