This Little Leaguer From Maine Taking “Big Daddy Hacks” Is My Hero

For those of you who do not own a phone or know how to navigate the internet, allow me to introduce you to the Prince of Maine, Richard Gilboy of South Portland.

This was his introduction video from before the game in Bristol, Connecticut. Electric intro for a 12-year-old. And guess what? Richie ain’t no bullshitter. He really does take big daddy hacks.

Of course the kid from Maine goes up with his balls dragging on the ground and says he takes big daddy hacks, and then follows it up with said big daddy hack. Classic Mainer. The team from Maine almost never makes it to the Little League World Series but I’ll be damned if my man Ricardo doesn’t big daddy hack this team all the way to Williamsport. Maine faces off against New Hampshire in the New England semifinals at 1:00p.m. today. This is like little league rendition of one of the most underrated rivalries in sports, and life in general. Maine vs. New Hampshire is a constant shittalking competition and most people that live in one of those states hates everyone that lives in the other. Ain’t nothin like a UMaine vs. UNH hockey game. And if you ask me, a Maine vs. New Hampshire little league game is only a small step down from that. Expect to see some fireworks this afternoon, folks. I would also count on AT LEAST one bomb from Richie Gilboy. No kid with his amount of charisma and confidence has ever graced this little league tournament, I’m sure of it. He knocked Boog Powell’s crown of the most likeable player right off and it fits him much better. Kid looks like Jesus wearing a crown of thorns, holding a baseball bat, and taking the biggest big daddy hacks you’ve ever seen. I don’t know if he thought of that term himself, but props to him if he did. That kid is gonna sell a lot of t-shirts some day with a mind like that. I need to be more like this kid. All of Maine needs to be more like this kid. I think he just threw his name in the race for Governor with this viral moment he’s had. Lead us to the promised land, Richie. We will follow.


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